Here’s why the return of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai makes us happy!!!

Wopieee!!! The actors of the most loved television show, “Sarabhai vs Sarabhai” have confirmed another season, and we all are hyperventilating!!! In the clutter of overly dramatic Saas-Bahu serials, the television show Sarabhai vs Sarabhai (2004-2006) was the only saving grace which was regarded as one of the best Indian comedy shows on television with highest TRPs.

The announcement of a comeback of this show has left everyone in excitement and this excitement cannot be boxed into a statement. The show will now be aired in the from of a sitcom on Hotstar. Check out the teaser of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and try coming up with a new name for their season although for us, it’s always going to be Sarabhai vs Sarabhai!

Listed below are SOME of the reasons for we have missed this ultimate show.

1. Rosesh Sarabhai and his unbeatable poems!


Momma ki purse jaise hospital ki pyaari koi nurse!

We just cannot recite his poems without that epic accent. All those insanely bizarre and hilarious poems cited by Rosesh have always left us in splits and made us love him even more. The character is played by Rajesh Kumar who claimed in an interview that the producer, Aatish Kapadia, told him that Rajesh was the only person who was going to audition for this role. Rajesh laughingly claimed that after a lot of practice, it was in the washroom of his house where the irritating accent of Rosesh was acquired.

2. Maya Sarabhai – Not So Middle Class


The hilarious way of Maya taunting her husband, Indravadan, and daughter-in-law, Monisha, for their unsophisticated behaviour and claiming it “so middle class” was the crisp sophistication that Maya portrayed in the show with utmost grace. The versatile actor, Ratna Pathak Shah who portrayed the character of Maya Sarabhai claimed that she did relate a lot to the character of Monisha, but playing off was an unbelievable experience to her. In an interview, she jokingly said that it was for all the bitchy things that she loved to play the role of Maya. Ratna Shah claimed that nobody watched the show when it was aired for the first time however, gained popularity when it began to re-run on Star One and then was appreciated by all audiences.

3. Sahil Sarabhai and his sarcasm


Dr. Sahil Sarabhai was the obedient son of Maya on the show who never missed a chance to shut Rosesh up with his sarcasm. Sahil was always the one to be pissed off with all of Rosesh’s poems and the fights of his wife, Monisha and his mom. The talented, Sumeet Raghavan portrayed the role of Sahil who claimed that the entire cast of the show had suddenly decided to meet up at his place where they shot a video of all of them together and posted on Instagram. It was that video which went viral and woke up every fan of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. Sahil said that it was out of the blue that the video was viewed and loved by by throngs of people. That was that moment when the producers decided to make a come back of the show!

4. Personification of “kanjoos”- Monisha Sarabhai


Monisha Sarabhai was the typical middle-class woman who has always been keen on saving every penny with her unsophisticated reasons. She personified the word “kanjoos” and was the very example that every friend denoted their friend, when they were kanjoos. Monisha’s humour, carelessness, untidiness and her threat to leave the house if Sahil, her husband, didn’t take her side in a fight, were all the reasons that always made us laugh. Rupali Ganguly who played the role of Monisha, was enthralled to portray the character and was amused to see the development of her role.

5. Indravadan aka Indu


Indu: Maya mai hard hun!
Maya: Yah problem toh tumhe bachpan mein fix karni chahiye thi.

The husband who was always mocked down by his wife, Maya, was the most beautiful dynamic that we witnessed on this show. Maya always sassed Indravadan out at his unreasonable ideas. Indu was the one husband who never missed a chance to pick on his son, Rosesh, and always made fun of his wife, with whom he was obviously pissed. The versatile actor, Satish Shah portrayed the role of Indravadan who claimed that it was amusing enact this role since he still was a child at heart which he found relatable in the character.

6. Dushyant aka Deven Bhojani


Rosesh tum bulb ban jao!

Dushyant was one of the most hysterical characters on the show who had a fascination for various electrical appliances from toasters to refrigerators. The utmost hilarious moments were when he used Rosesh for demos to make everyone understand the concept of any electrical appliance. This show is directed by none other than, Deven Bhojani, who plays the role of Dushyant. His vision and supreme direction has made the show what it is today.

Almost every person today is longing for Sarabhai vs Sarabhai and reviving the classic memories of the show. We hope to hear the news of their first episode, very soon.

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Here’s why the return of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai makes us happy!!!

Haven’t we all missed this show? Well, here’s why…

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